Volunteer With Fluidity Forum

Do you get fun and satisfaction from contributing to things you’re intrinsically motivated to do, when it directly provides meaningfulness to you and those who are doing it with you? Please contact us to volunteer with this all-volunteer not-for-profit event! If you contact us, we’ll discuss more details, like our communications channels, communication patterns, schedule, and expectations.

Here are most of the tasks that need doing for Fluidity Forum 2024. The more of these roles we fill, the more we spread the work around so that we all have plenty of time to attend sessions and have fascinating conversations.

If you wish to take on a cluster of related tasks, that would make sense. They’re broken out more fine-grained because you might be in a position to do one, but not all, of the tasks in the related cluster.


Set up a form for attendees to give us their flights and transportation info; be responsible for answering questions about what is on it

Communicate between driver and attendees about late breaking info and coordination

Drive people to and from Metro Detroit Airport and Fluidity Forum


Make form about sleeping preferences

Let people know who is sleeping where


Arrange sessions into a schedule

Give presenters the 5 minute signal at 45 minutes & ask them to end their talk at 50 minutes

Ensure Audiovisual is on and off at appropriate times

Ensure Audiovisual has SD cards with sufficient space


Tracking where physical stuff is and who is using it

Lost and Found

Set up and pack up air mattresses and privacy screens

Set up and pack out AV and stage dressing


Shopping, get it to the Inventory person

Cooking, get food from the Inventory person (we’ll use the kitchen this year & serve in the AirBnB dining room)

Regularly check food levels & restock drink coolers & food tables from under the tables


Make and post the signage

Get the program books printed. Pick them up at the printer

Make and fill registration bags with badge, program, etc

Distribute badges, program, etc to each attendee

Attendee Response

Sort of like what a Ranger does at Burning Man. If an attendee needs help with something, they talk to the Attendee Response Navigator (better name to be determined later). “Where are the walk-in clinics around here?” “Where’s our first-aid kit?” “I’m having an emotional problem and need someone to talk to.” “My fellow attendee looks like they might be having some kind of psychological event.” “Where is lost and found?” Etc. You don’t have to solve the problem. You just need to be a point of contact to Fluidity Forum and have the phone numbers of the other organizers. We don’t want all attendees to feel a universal responsibility for everything that happens to each other, because then it’s diffused among all attendees, so no one knows if they’re stepping on each others’ toes by stepping in. You are the person who knows the response process.