Fluidity Forum

Detroit, Michigan, USA

6PM Thursday - 4PM Sunday, September 5 - 8 2024

Fluidity Forum is a gathering about metamodernity, sense-making, rationalism, metarationality, and thinking-about-thinking, for bloggers, their readers, and enthusiasts.

There will be solo talks and panel discussions on topics such as (see the glossary) a metarationality curriculum, civilizational redesign, internal family systems, developmental theory, erisology, social media algorithms, conflict resolution, psychology, consilience, comparative religion, secular meditation, legibility & many others common in this space.

…or whatever cool, interesting, fun, or intellectual topics the attendees want to present on!

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There’s a YouTube channel with video and audio of some sessions from our inaugural year.

If you would like to be involved with Fluidity Forum 2024, it’s not too early to reach out.

Some follow-up thoughts are being posted to the Fluidity Forum Substack.